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Monday, November 20, 2006

Drunken Sailors, II    

Ok, the Soriano trade is so absurd, I nearly missed the news of the Big Hurt...

2 years, $18M.

Now I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
For the record, Thomas made $500,000K this past year. Toronto multiplied his salary by 18. If that happened to me tomorrow, even I'd be making some pretty durn respectable sprill.
While he's obviously worth more than 500K, have you SEEN him try to run lately? It's pathetic. He's due for a massive physical collapse, and there's a 99.5% chance it'll happen next season. Even if he stays healthy, he's not only blocking the bases, he's blocking Adam Lind. I'm not saying that shelling out some $ for the Hurt is idiotic.. I'm saying two things:
1) I am pretty sure that the Jays overpaid massively here, and that market value was probably about either $5M per for 2 years, or $8M for 1 year.
2) The Jays overpaying for Hurt is made truly insane based on the fact that they have Adam Lind earning peanuts and stuck in the minors now.

The only angle to this signing that makes sense for the Jays is that Hurt will probably hit his 500th HR next year. Which will get them a lead story on sportscenter. Congratulations, Blue Jays. Enjoy your $18M 15 seconds of fame.


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