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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Old News Is GREAT News    

I was thumbing through Boston sports media watchdog Scott's Shots just now, and found the following nugget from a 2003 FHM interview with Simeon Rice.  Excerpted to spare you some scrolling, and edited to satisfy my inner Formatting Nazi:

(On whether having a Super Bowl ring helped with attracting women):
"If you're counting on a Super Bowl to get you some pussy, then you're a sad-ass cat."
(On what he thinks about having a woman on his team):
"Is she hot? Because if she was, then she'd be getting herself pregnant by halftime."
(On who gives him inspiration):
"Walter Payton and Michael Jordan. And Bruce Lee-he was an ass-kicking son of a bitch and his philosophy was the best thing going. I see myself as a combination of the three."

And when asked if his "boys" have a home in his trousers while he's on the field of battle, he responds:
"I'm definitely not freeballing. My nuts are precious. The jewels are kept in the safe and I will not relinquish the information to that safe."

Contrary to that final quote, Mr. Scott implied that famed doo-doo butter queen Vida Guerra had the information to that safe.


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