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Friday, December 01, 2006

Recent Sox Stuff    

* Red Sox sign Japanese pitcher!  Haha, that's one hilarious joke.  We show you the funny!  Grabbing Okajima seems like a good move.  Anyone who doubted the sincerity of the Red Sox' intentions to sign Daisuke Matsuzaka and become a presence in Japan must be enjoying their delicious bowl of crow.  But beyond the political side of the signing, lefty relievers are in short supply, so it's good that they made one materialize out of thin air.  And the record of Japanese relievers moving to MLB has been pretty good (Mac Sasaki, Akinori Otsuka, Shigetoshi Hasegawa).  Looks like another shrewd-on-paper move from Theo.

* If only the other rumors were as shrewd-looking.  The J.D. Drew money has unofficially risen from 4/48 up to 5/70, which ended my radio silence after a gaudy 22 hours.  I was just getting used to the idea of 4/48 being OK, but this is really out there.  I can't deal with this rationally anymore.  I should just shut up.  But since this is clearly happening, I'll refer folks to the SoSH thread on Drew, since it contains plenty of data in his defense, and plenty of interesting speculation.  I still don't like where this deal leads us, both in terms of logic, in terms of the roster implications, and in terms of Drew himself.  And I don't have to.  And if you don't like that, you can eat a bag of dicks.

* Speaking of dicks, there's also the sobering reminder that Roger Clemens is available and decidedly not retired.  Last we heard, a "family friend" (most likely a Hendricks brother) said Clemens regretted not signing with Boston.  Can I change the blog's color to doo-doo brown now, or do I have to wait until spring training?  Not that I believe the Pitcher Who Has Buttocks Where His Head Should Be to be a man of his word, but the mere thought is enough to make my blood curdle.  So they trade Manny to save $20 million... so they can waste it on Clemens?  If you thought I was against spending Manny's money on Drew, you just watch how I behave myself on these here Webertubes if Clemens comes to town.


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