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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NFL Playoff Predictions    

It's that time again...

Jets at Patriots -> Patriots
Chiefs at Colts -> Colts

Patriots at Chargers
-> Chargers
Colts at Ravens -> Colts

Colts at Chargers
-> Chargers

Cowboys at Seahawks -> Cowboys
Giants at Eagles -> Eagles

Eagles at Saints
-> Saints
Cowboys at Bears -> Bears

Saints at Bears
-> Saints

Super Bowl
Chargers vs. Saints -> Saints

Talking Points
1. I haven't got much faith in the Patriots.  They haven't won a Big Game since prior to the last Super Bowl, and their performances in every big game since then has been, to put it lightly, horrifically fucking shameful.  They haven't shown the least bit of interest in upholding the franchise's reputation (smart, mentally tough, no turnovers, etc.) against the league's elite teams.  In short, they exhibit none of the mental toughness of previous editions,  so unlike past Pats teams we have no reason to think they will exceed their expectations.  I'm quite confident they'll beat the Jets, but I'd be stunned if they put forward a sufficient effort against the Chargers.  That matchup has "San Diego vacation" written all over it.  God forbid they actually try to win a game that they shouldn't.

2. Bet-hedging comment: my gut says the Ravens could rip the whole bracket apart... but the possible involvement of Kyle Boller terrifies me.

3. I have an idiotic affinity for the Saints.  And I think the Bears and Eagles have peaked.  The Saints are really the only choice on that side.

4. Marty Schottenheimer will rear his head at some point.  Based on history, it ought to be the Colts game.  But the Colts are so shaky with run defense that even Marty couldn't screw that up (right???) so I've picked him to at least make the Super Bowl.  But the Saints present too many decisions for Marty (Brees, the two RBs, the WR fleet), so it's the perfect time for an implosion.


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