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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Game, Week 4    

Well, let's take a looksee at the games coming up and recommend one to watch, eh?

Today's matchup between the DBags and Padres is appealing, what with maybe the two best pitchers in the NL, Webb and Peavy on the hill.

Of course, if hype is our barometer, it's pretty tough to beat tomorrow's Yankees/Jays game, featuring the debut of Phil Hughes.

Saturday's Sox/Yankees matchup looks to be one for the ages, but only as providing an example of the "throw a lot of shit at a wall and see what sticks" mentality of filling out a rotation, as Kei Igawa faces Tim Wakefield. Boo this game.

Or, you could pick a random Orioles or Tampa game, cause both teams are outperforming expectations.

Not a lot of likely instant classics on the docket this week. I'll go with the Hughes game, for obvious reasons, but honestly, that Webb/Peavy game is the one most likely to be good.



  • well, i'd say last night's Dbags/Padres game lived up to my lofty expectations. Peavy went 7 scoreless, and Kd 16, including 9 in a row, one off the all-time record for consecutive Ks. Webb pitched nearly as well, going 8 and giving up 2. Trevor Hoffman, the best reliever not resembling a man-bat creature in the past decade blew the save w/ a HR in the 9th. Good times all around. No chance the Hughes game equals this one.

    By Blogger Alex, at 8:13 AM  

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