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Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Like A Koala Bear Crapped A Rainbow In My Brain    

I used to think a medium rare NY strip with shallots, garlic mashed potatoes and haricots verts was delicious.

Then I read this story [h/t], and deliciousness was forever altered in my mind.

If I were Pitchfork, and that piece of news were an album, I'd give it a 10.0.  Even on a day that features the Sox at 11 AM, a friend running in the Marathon, and a potentially historic Game 7 tonight, this is the runaway leader for Best News Of The Day.

I was getting worried for a while.  I thought he was gonna actually let Brian Cashman do his job!  Silly me.


  • My sane take:

    The absolute worst way they could handle the manna from heaven that is Joba is to dick him around, and move him in and out of the rotation. It's like the M's mishandling of Adam Jones, multiplied by 1000 because of the injury risk.

    Now, here's the deal. Yes, IPK and Hughes have struggled. That's what young pitchers do. Guess what? The bullpen ain't exactly world shakers either. Joba would help either one.

    What I'd do:
    Keep Joba in the setup role all season. If this means our starters have a 5.00+ ERA, so fucking be it. Make the firm commitment to moving him to the rotation next year, when Mussina will be gone, and stick to that decision. Give Joba at least 1 full year starting before moving him back to the pen if he can't hack (which I doubt, given that his tertiary pitch is coming along very nicely).

    By Blogger Alex Lehr, at 2:12 PM  

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