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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wounds Taste Better When They're Salty    

Not that one needs to enumerate the ways in which Renaldo Balkman was a disastrous moment in Knicks history... but check out the BDL Update at the bottom:

On the board at #20 in the 2006 NBA draft, where the Knicks selected Renaldo Balkman: Rajon Rondo, Marcus Williams, Kyle Lowry, Jordan Farmar, Sergio Rodriguez, Craig Smith, Boobie Gibson, Paul Millsap and Leon Powe.

Yikes.  It's one thing to point out (again) that Isiah Thomas turned down all those point guards, which has always been the big story of the Balkman selection.  But the thing that's so deeply thrilling in retrospect is how Balkman compares to other tweener-3/4 players like Smith, Millsap and Powe.  Those latter three grew into dangerous NBA rebounders and inside scorers.  Thomas' pick hasn't developed beyond the hustle-player level.  Brilliant!


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