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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ummmmm.... this Manny Ramirez trade proposal asinine, or what?  Nothing against the package they'd get in return (Mike Cameron, Aubrey Huff, Aaron Heilman) but I'd rather have Manny.  As unwise as that would be, though, what blows my mind is that the Red Sox were offering up super-prospect Hanley Ramirez as well!  I mean, anyone can see that the American League RBI leader and reigning World Series MVP isn't enough to land two decent OFs and a middle reliever.  It's the smart play to toss in the most talented prospect in the system... you know, to sweeten the pot.  What a bunch of morons.

(That reaction, by the way, is contingent on the deal being serious.  I have more than an inkling that they are being somewhat insincere about their intentions... just another public attempt to show Manny how laughable his demands are.  It all smacks of politics, because there's no way in hell they could think trading Manny is good business.)

Lest I forget to further qualify my remarks, I have not forgotten a little sum'n-sum'n that happened last October.  As such, I have little right to make assertions concerning the mental acumen of the Red Sox front office.  Nor do I get to wallow in depression over the team's playoff chances, should the deal be finalized.  Those are no longer options for those of us who root for the Defending World Champion Boston Red Sox.  That does not, however, mean I need to support a dumb trade.  I believe that if this trade actually happens, they absolutely have to win another World Series, either this year or next, to live it down.  Anyone can see the Sox are getting the ass end in terms of talent.  They may save buttloads of cash, but what do we care about that?  It's not our job, as fans, to congratulate or celebrate financial maneuvers; it's our job to appreciate talent, and this deal reeks in that regard.  Theo the Pimp had better be prepared to go from local hero to leaguewide laughingstock if he wants to save $20 million.

Related to the trade, the booing last night sickened me.  Yeah, Manny really deserved that, cause what has he ever done for us?  I was embarrassed to be a Sox fan when I watched the video.  All of the miserable, sorry bastards who booed him should be ashamed of themselves.  It's people like them that give Sox fans a deservedly bad name, as opposed to the unjustified bad name that we've been given in the past.


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