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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Uh Oh    

Danny Ainge just executed the biggest trade in NBA history, sending Antoine Walker to Miami in a sign-and-trade, and sending shrapnel flying towards three other teams. The breakdown looks like this:

Miami: F Antoine Walker, PG Jason "White Chocolate" Williams, SF James Posey, PG Andre Emmett
Boston: BWS Curtis Borchardt, F Qyntel "Pit BULL!!! a-WOOF" Woods, rights to Spanish C Albert Miralles, two 2nd rounders, $$$
Memphis: SG Eddie Jones, PG Raul Lopez
Utah: C Greg Ostertag
New Orleans: G Rasual Butler, SG Kirk Snyder

Now, though a lot of this deal makes sense (Miami stocks the bench and upgrades at the point; New Orleans grabs rising sensation Butler; Utah re-acquires the Prodigal White Stiff), there's a TON that makes no sense. I suppose getting something in return for Antoine, whom the Celtics had no intention of keeping, is a good thing, but what do the Celtics get out of two white stiff centers and a pit bull enthusiast? The only possible explanations I can come up with, so soon after the news broke, are a) Q is gonna cut Al Jefferson a deal on some puppies and b) Ainge has his eye on J.J. Redick in the second round next summer, and is stockpiling picks to make sure it happens. Either way, I'm puzzled as to what good this does, but intrigued nonetheless.

The team that really gets hosed is Memphis. What were they thinking?!? I mean, Lopez is fine and all, but two serviceable players for friggin Eddie Jones?!? Gol'dangit thurr. Jerry West really has to get over his Eddie Jones fetish... it didn't work the first time, and it's not gonna work this time either. But I guess he's The Logo, so he clearly knows more than I do. Guess we'll see.


  • What I like is that we get to see Miami try to beat San Antonio/Indiana/Detroit next year, all while afraid to let their point guard and center touch the ball late in the 4th quarter. Unless sexual white chocolate has learned how not to dribble off his foot late in games- maybe I'm giving him a bum rap from early in his career.
    Jeff- what's Toine's rep for late-game performance? Cause if he's also a choker, that means it's all Wade in the 4th, which makes for great TV and no championship.

    By Blogger Alex, at 9:37 AM  

  • who the hell is left from miami's team last year?

    I can't even remember who was on it? The guy who looked like Chris Rock? Wang ZhiZhi?

    Jeff, what is you assessment of how ainge has managed the celtics in his tenure? I think he has done one hell of a job drafting. He hasn't made a big splash in trades or FA, getting Ricky Davis for 2 guys who were solid contributors at the time looked like an idiotic move but has panned out well.

    By Blogger Jurassic Carl, at 9:48 AM  

  • Lehr: 'Toine has made his fair share of game-winning threes. But he has also made his fair share of game-losing turnovers, offensive fouls, technicals, you name it. The way it goes with Toine is that, on the whole, you break even, but the highs and lows are so extreme, so spectacular, that by the end of the year you want to chop your own wang off and eat it.

    JC: Miami should still have Udonis Haslem and Alonzo, but the Jones brothers are gone (unless Damon realizes you can't get paid like an All-Star if all you do is talk like one) and Keyon Dooling and Rasual Butler are also gone. The roster seems to have become extremely veteran, and what's worse is they now have TWO tweener forwards. I'm not convinced these were good moves.

    As for Ainge, I think he's an excellent drafter, and his trades have all panned out, even the ones I vilified him over. Turns out he's a smart GM after all. Then again, when all you have to do is be smarter than Elgin Baylor and Isiah Thomas, how good does he really have to be?

    By Blogger Jeff, at 10:18 AM  

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