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Monday, August 01, 2005

'Roids Flareup reported today that Rafael Palmeiro has tested positive for steroids, netting a 10-day suspension.  I have a few thoughts on the matter:
  1. His HOF campaign isn't over, but it's on life support.  The story will have to develop in surprising ways for him to get out of this alive.
  2. He probably did it, and the jury of public opinion has already ruled against the defendant, but I still think there's more smoke than fire.  Without proof of the steroids test's authenticity, I can't assume that the test is accurate.  In fact, the above article states that the arbitrators did not establish intent, and were in fact moved by Palmeiro's testimony (without disclosing what that testimony was).  Given that I wouldn't trust Major League Baseball to properly administer a hand job, never mind a cutting-edge drug test, I have no reason to think this case isn't indicative of a serious flaw in the steroid test itself.  MLB was under enormous pressure to implement something, anything, better than nothing, so why would anyone assume it to work without seeing some kind of conclusive evidence?  And we all know how much interest President Retard Jr. has in seeing the issue claim some victims, so can we really believe anything to be on the level?  I'm not saying this so much because I believe him to be innocent... I just figure if you're not 100% sure, don't side with the monolithic corporation when there's power at stake.
  3. The corporate suits at ESPN must be thrilled.  Not only is Raffy a high-profile victim, but they just spent a month pumping up his profile even further, thanks to the chase for 3,000 hits.  As a point of order, I believe wholeheartedly that reporters, their editors, and ESPN know full well who's juicing and who isn't.  I have no problem with keeping quiet until news breaks, but I have an eeee-normous problem with setting someone up for an even bigger fall with all this HOF talk.  I mean, what do all the pro-Raffy guys do now?  "Gee, Karl, I'm as shocked as anybody right now!"  Barf... to quote The Meaning of Life, "a BUCKET for Monsieur!!!"  It'd be nice if they attacked the billionaire owners (who provide ESPN with significant funding and media access) as vigorously as they attack millionaire players.
Anyway it's a shame.  I was finally convinced into accepting his HOF credentials without qualification, and now look what happened.  Oh well, at least Big Papi is clean.  (Right?  Right??????)


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