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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Exactly how is this a good idea?    

Alan Embree, who has shit the bed in Boston all season, signs with the Yankees... and shits on Andy Pettitte his first day.

Embree, who got the last out for Boston in Game 7 of the AL Championship Series at Yankee Stadium last October, took Andy Pettitte's old No. 46 and was available for Saturday's game against the Angels. He stayed sharp after he was cut by throwing off a mound and running.
Embree knows he could be called upon to get one of his ex-teammates out in a key spot down the stretch -- especially lefty slugger David Ortiz.

All I know is, come playoff time, if Embree is facing Ortiz, I'm going to shit myself. Then mail my drawers to Brian Cashman, COD.


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