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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"my swag is phenomenal"    

Ok. I'm sure everyone has seen and read all about Arenas' ridiculous shot last night to win the game. I can't seem to stop thinking about my man.
It seems that each year, an athlete that I formerly liked quite a bit launches a PR campaign of sweetness that captures me utterly for the year.
Last year, it was Clinton Portis and his gang of four.
This year, it's Arenas.
Dude already has the best nickname in all of sports, is playing out of his mind this year, and then drops the swag quote. Fantastic.

The Darkhorse candidate for next year? Brendan Haywood. Check out his phenomenal eyewitness account of Agent Zero's performance last night. Thanks to DCSportsBog for this:

"That joint went straight through," Haywood was saying. "Remember Double Dribble, how the nets would pop up? Like that."
Then Haywood started saying "Double Dribble," in that weird voice, like the game used to say.

Bravo, Brendan "Double Dribble" Haywood.


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