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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

THAT Is What I'm Talking About    

Five words I thought I'd never say: thank you, New York Post.

While this piece of Mushnick doesn't rip ESPN the additional asshole it so sorely needs, it does summarize the issue as succinctly as possible.  ESPN has been lobotomized for some time now, to the point where they are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unprofessional.  I get more insights from Capitals broadcaster/clown Craig Laughlin on a nightly basis than I get from all of ESPN in a day; it's the broadcasting equivalent of Jack Nicholson getting out-acted by Shaquille O'Neal.  And it's true.  Very sad.

My wish for 2007 is increased accountability for ESPN's insufferable asshattery.  Media journalists bashing ESPN left and right.  Viewers staying away in droves.  Hit counts for diving like so much rock.  Or, even better: a legitimate national competitor, one that can give ESPN a run for its money.

Will that happen?  Probably not.  But a guy can dream.


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