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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Most Surprising Story Ever About A-Rod    

I'm just so stunned... loss for words... can't believe this actually happened...

Team USA players like to tell the story of Francoeur confronting Alex Rodriguez during the WBC for trashing a clubhouse kid who brought him the wrong sandwich.

File this as the top item in the I Can't Fucking Believe It folder, right?  They must be talking about some other Alex Rodriguez on Team USA.

The real bombshell here, for me, is that Gammo claims other Team USA players enjoy telling this story for some reason.  He makes it sound as if they don't like A-Rod very much!  Personally, I'd like to inspect his sources, because that is just a ludicrous, slanderous statement.

Actually, if I may remove my sarcasmometer for a moment, the honest-to-God revelation is that Jeff Francoeur, the 21st-century Rob Deer, is the guy who dressed him down.  Bra-vo.  Alex, I call on you to join my embargo on all Francoeur-flavored Haterade, because he is an American Hero and deserves our respect and gratitude.



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