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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Massholes On Parade: Miami Beatdown Edition    

I know... it's a crazy thought. And I'd never question the loyalty or intelligence of my fellow Boston sports fans.

But the fans at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, fans haven't seen a loss in that stadium since November 2006, and only two losses at all (in the Conference final and the Super Bowl) in that same timespan, booed their shorthanded team at the halftime break. Yep, with an NFL-record 21-game regular season winning streak intact, they got booed off the field. Marvelous.

I've been saying (privately of course) that Cassel and the Pats will be fine, and will make the playoffs despite the Brady injury. But they are capable of losing each game that remains on their schedule. Every single one. And they will lose at least another 5 or 6 of them, just as they did on Sunday. It's what happens when you don't have Tom Brady. Get used to it.

The spoiled pricks at Gillette would do well to remember that poor efforts will happen on occasion. After last season, they are not entitled to ANYTHING. Spouting this arrogant, "we paid our hard-earned money" nonsense is not an acceptable excuse. You don't deserve shit above what anyone else does. Get over yourself.

But while handing out craps to Pats fans, let's hand out some snaps... shockingly, to Ellis Hobbs and the hero turn his mouth just made. I've absolutely hated Hobbs as a player since his arrival. He's the epitome of the guy who's all bark and no bite, who can't back up all the trash he talks. He's a shitty cornerback, though he appears to be much improved this season. But for talking trash to Pats fans, and actually using the word "spoiled" in doing so, he gets my unwavering support. Bravo. I never would have pegged him as the guy with a clue, but good for him.

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