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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is NOT beginning to feel like the dawn of a loser forever    

Ok, here we go. 1 hour before game 1 starts, and I find myself joining my adopted Philly brethren as a total nervous wreck. My love for the Phillies is what it is: Confused, two-timing, and different, yet there it remains. While I don't feel the attachment to them that I have to the Yankees, the altered reality that has been Philadelphia this October has rubbed off on me. All of a sudden, Philly seems like a place where everything isn't always content with being just good enough. We don't always have to lose. I find myself dreaming about scenarios where this attitude is brought to bear on the city's real problems: corruption, filth, poverty, violence, despair.

Maybe I'm putting too much on the shoulders of athletes. But in a city where the new (in every sense of the word) Mayor is raffling off his box seats, I feel, for the first time in all my years here, a sense that anything is possible. The audacity of hope, if you will.

In lieu of any attempt at rational analysis, I'll simply say this:

(Thanks PhillyPhellas, via Daulerio)

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