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Thursday, November 20, 2008

No thanks    

Fuck fuck fuck.

"Ibanez, meanwhile, is coming off a season in which he made just $5.5 million, meaning the Phillies conceivably could sign him to a deal that doubles his salary and still have money to sign a solid righthanded bat."


Memo to Philly- Either sign Burrell and be done with it, or use that fucking money to get a pitcher. Lowe would be my first choice.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MVP voters R teh suck    

Ok, I agreed w/ the NL choice completely. Pooholes should probably win 5 or 6 of these things by the time he's done, so long as his body holds up.
That said, Rhino, you know I love you, but you deserved to finish a close second about as much as Bush deserved a second term (ooh! Topical and timely! Sick burn).

In the AL, Pedroia winning just fuels the Massholes through a cold, lonely winter.

/channels Tommy from Quinzee

You who do nawt recawgnize Perdooooya as the one true MVP are nawt true fans!

A quick list of folks who'd have been better than Pedroia:
Jeter (kidding)

A quick list of folks who'd have made a better runner up than Rhino:
About 10 other guys who play for other teams.

Also - to the two voters who picked Lidge #1: go fuck yourselves.

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