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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Die, Baby    

Is Al Davis making dumb, franchise-crippling trades from beyond the grave?

Gosh, I hope so. There isn't a more fitting franchise in sports for an undead GM/owner than the Raiders. Their idiot fans already dress like Pirates of the Caribbean extras. And the logical conclusion of their cheating/dirty/dangerous/irresponsible persona is to actually BE ghosts and zombies and skeletons right?

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011



Now that I've broken my blog duck for 2011, I can go back to tackling the question of what to do with myself now that all my teams have won. Hint: it includes less sports. But still, I'm curious as to why the biggest September collapse in history doesn't bother me much, while the mere mention of Rex Ryan makes me want to kick an infant. I'm accepting ideas for an explanation.

In case you're curious, though, here's a summary of what life will be like once your teams win everything there is to be won:

1. You'll have your life back.
2. You'll look for some exciting new sport on which to waste that life.

For me, that's been soccer. Which reminds me, I haven't watched soccer in almost two hours, brb! I'll leave you with this:

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The return of the hate    

Just wanted to rev up the ol bloggy blog to share my feelings with Rafael Soriano. Take it away, Homer.

BTW - I have precisely the same sentiment for you, Burnett.

(Ed. note: now with more movement and hate! - JD)

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