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Monday, February 19, 2007

Nate Robinson Got... JACKED UP    

Gerald Green, to the surprise of exactly zero Celtics fans, won the slam dunk contest. I think propers need to be given to executive assistant Paul Pierce, whose lobbing prowess helped Green to a one-and-done performance from start to finish. None of that Chris Andersen "Birdman's gonna fly" nonsense, which Nate Robinson ended up repeating. (Ugh.)

Dwight Howard was kinda jobbed by the judges, but personally I think Robinson's second dunk was overrated more than Howard's was underrated. As nuts as the sticker part was, the dunk itself was too basic. You can't just put the sticker way, way up there... the image isn't enough. You gotta hang on top of the board. That's the only way for the ridiculousness of the hang time to outweigh the blandness of the throw-down.

Regardless, it wouldn't have made much difference if Howard had advanced. Green won the damn thing outright. Now if he could only figure out the rest of basketball. He's still in the "Do you want me to SHOOT IT? NOOOOO" phase of his career.

But here's what he has mastered.

Dunk #1

Dunk #2

Dunk #3

Dunk #4

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