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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Subtitle: In Which Jeff Sees Something On The Internet That Makes Him Crazy

See, here's the difference between Yankee fans and Sox fans.

When the Red Sox get swept by the Yankees, the world has ended. Even in April. The unavoidable truth of the situation is in our faces, and we take the additional step of rubbing our own noses in it, since we know it's coming anyway. The Yankees have beaten us again. There's no denying it, no "yeah, but..." to be spoken. Our only option is to lament our fate, excoriate the Sox themselves, and adjust to the new world order, in which we totally and completely suck and have nothing to say about anything. Extreme? Yes. But fully rooted in reality.

When the Yankees get swept by the Red Sox, the response is full-blown denial. It's as if they'd fallen into an alternate universe for a few days, returned immediately after the sweep, and continued to act as if nothing happened. Even a "yeah, we got swept, big deal, see you in August" would be fully reasonable and mostly justified, since there's still that tiny iota of acknowledgement. But that's what you get when they choke away four straight playoff games. The rest of the time, it's utter fantasy, in which anti-Yankee events simply did not happen.

For example, check out this response to last weekend's sweep. Making fun of Schilling because he gave up HRs to A-Rod. In a game the Sox won. Seriously. Three winnable games in a row, one of which was blown late by the greatest closer in history*, and the response is not the allowable "ahh, so what," but rather the absurd "IN YOUR FACE!" Yes, in our face for giving up HRs while winning the game. Gee, we really suck.

Try to picture the reverse scenario. Imagine if Sox fans were applauding Big Papi for having a huge weekend while being swept in the Bronx. How sad would that be? That's what this is. NYYFans is supposed to be the New York equivalent of SoSH. If someone posted the Red Sox equivalent of those pictures after a three-game sweep, they would be banned. That guy RUNS THE SITE. Come on, guy.

Further, isn't this precisely the sort of shit A-Rod was being run out of town for a month ago? Then, putting up ridiculous stats in defeat was proof that he wasn't a True Yankee. Now it's cause for celebratory Photoshop contests. Funny, because I seem to recall that game coming out a bit differently:

Eat it, bitches. See you Friday.

* - The history of fruitbats, that is. Cut fastball my ass.

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  • i'm glad that post got the "crazy jeff" tag.

    By Blogger Alex, at 1:18 PM  

  • I'll cop to my nutty irrational shit. Like the chief of Malibu police, I'm a real reactionary. Expect a lot from that tag in the future.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 1:38 PM  

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