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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Game, Week 6    

Well, as Jeff pointed out, this week’s Yanks-Sox matchup just doesn’t quite have the same winner keeps all feel to it. So, I’ll take the opportunity to recommend a different game for mandatory viewing, simply so that I have something to point to as evidence that yes, a blog co-written by 40% yankee and sox fans can be aware that there are other teams in the league.

One caveat- having caught at least most of Cole Hamels’ last three starts, I’ve upgraded him to must-see-tv. There’s just this amazing buzz when he’s on the mound (esp. at home)… If the Phillies can crawl into contention, and Hamels keeps it up, Illaphites will be telling their children about the Summer of Cole the way Yankees fans talk about the Summer of Sam, or Mets fans talk about the Summer of Doc. He pitches tonight in Florida, attempting to keep the Phils above .500.

Sooo… what’s on the docket?

I’d be very tempted by Houston v. SFO, featuring Young Tim “Ropes” Linecum against Oswalt (my pick for NL Cy Young 2007), except that I watched about ½ of last night’s game, which I turned off in the midst of the single most boring 1-0 pitchers duel ever. And I normally like 1-0 pitchers duels. Neither of these teams can hit worth a damn. They swing weaker than Jerry Falwell at Satan’s Orgy. What, too soon?

Capuano/Penny isn’t bad, but ain’t exactly star powered. Unless you enjoy hearing Vin Scully call Prince Fielder “Cecil” (and I do, immensely).

Star power? How about Glavine v. Smoltz, Thurs. at 730 PM, as the Mets meet the Braves, both of whom are playing some very, very good baseball. This is probably the most interesting game this week, but given that I picked Unit v. Moyer last week, I just can’t bring myself to go old and busted again. I’d rather watch Verlander v. Sabathia, Sat. at 4PM. New Hotness!

Ah, fuck it. Watch Pettitte/Schilling, you dopes. Wed. night, 7PM. You can work up a good drunkening by first checking out the Champions’ League Final. Go Liverpool! Gattuso, eat a bag.


  • If you're mentioning Capuano/Penny, then I insist that we add Jake Peavy vs. Rich Hill tonight.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 3:47 PM  

  • You're right- Peavy/Hill is pretty damn good, though I'm not as high on Hill as the rest of the informations transsiberian railways of webbing

    By Blogger Alex, at 4:54 PM  

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