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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introducing the Zito Calculator    

This is so good.

Side note - the year I spent in Berkeley (2001-2002), Zito was the shit.

Just take a look at his line from 2002:
23-5 (who the FUCK wins 23 games anymore?)
229 IP
182 hits
2.75 ERA.

That's not just good, friends, that's great. He won the Cy Young that year.

I loved his quirky southpaw attitude, his laid back style, his space cadet brain. He seemed to make baseballs transparent. He was better than good, he was a fucking liability (to the other team). Of course, throughout his career he's had his detractors, who've pointed to peripheral data as well as scout reports that said nothing he was doing was remotely sustainable. Still, I wanted to believe. So I'm sad that he's completely fucking useless now. Them's the breaks, Barry. Enjoy your 2,000,000 orders of garlic fries.

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