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Saturday, May 17, 2008

NBA Game-Fixing: It's Cav-tastic!    

What an irredeemable shitshow I witnessed tonight.

The kinda-sorta goaltend by my man Delonte West wasn't exactly a prize-winner, nor was the travel call on Garnett (especially considering that they let Joe Smith get away with a travel with 14 seconds left). But the offensive foul on Paul Pierce with a few minutes remaining was one of the worst, most embarrassing calls I have ever seen. Permanent shame on the referee who called that charge. May he go to hell and drown in a flaming pool filled with the devil's boiling diarrhea.

Much as I'd love to be pissed at the Celtics for blowing another winnable road game, how can I be mad at them when Dick Bavetta and his crew of war criminals would have found something else to call? After the atrocious display in San Antonio last night, and that unforgivably bad charge call, I believe NBA referees are capable of calling absolutely anything right now.

To think people wonder why home teams keep winning these games. Gee, could it be that THE REFEREES ARE FUCKING INCOMPETENT?????

Anyway, haven't lost faith in the Celtics. I saw nothing tonight to ease my nerves (besides the return of Eddie House... about damn time), but I have no reason to think they'll lose at home until someone beats them at home. And don't forget, home court means the cowardly referees will be giving the C's all the calls! So that's comforting.

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